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FRONTLINE® Plus for Cats


Setting the Standard in Integrated Flea Control


For the treatment and prevention of fleas, flea allergy dermatitis and preventing the development of flea eggs and flea larvae. Kills ticks and biting lice and prevents reinfestations.

FRONTLINE Plus completely breaks the flea lifecycle. The active ingredient fipronil (kills newly acquired adult fleas) has been combined with the trusted insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene, which kills flea eggs, larvae and prevents pupae development.

FRONTLINE Plus attacks more stages of the flea lifecycle providing your cat or kitten with the best treatment for flea control.


  • Kills fleas on contact within 18 hours following application;
  • Kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and prevents pupal development for 6 weeks;
  • Kills biting lice;
  • Kills ticks and prevents reinfestation for one month;
  • Remains effective if your cat gets wet or is shampooed;
  • For use on breeding, pregnant and lactating queens;
  • Can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age.


Easy application in a single dose. Part the coat at the point between the shoulders or back of neck, squeeze the pipette to apply the entire contents to the skin.  

Available in a 3 or 6 pipette pack (ideal for multi cat households).

FRONTLINE Plus is only available from your vet. Ask about the treatment that's right for your cat or kitten.

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