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Disease FAQ

Q.Since FRONTLINE is so effective against fleas and ticks, is it gentle enough for my pet?

A. FRONTLINE has been extensively tested and shown to be well-tolerated by dogs and cats even at five times the recommended maximum rate on the label. FRONTLINE has been used with confidence on millions of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens worldwide.

Q.Why should I buy FRONTLINE instead of other treatments?

A. Long-lasting FRONTLINE provides protection from all stages of the flea lifecycle and kills and prevents reinfestation for ticks and biting lice in dogs and cats. It is water fast, remaining effective even after repeated water immersion or shampooing.

Q.Should I re-apply FRONTLINE if I see more fleas on my pet soon after application?

A. No. FRONTLINE only needs to be applied every 6 weeks if using FRONTLINE Plus, or FRONTLINE Spray. If you see fleas on your treated pet, these have most likely come from your pet's environment and will soon be killed by FRONTLINE.

Q.Do I need to use FRONTLINE even if my cat is not scratching?

A. Yes, cats usually respond to flea irritation by simply grooming more than normal. It is often not until a problem is well advanced that this behaviour becomes noticeable

Q.Can I stop treating during the cooler months when the fleas disappear?

A. This is a risky strategy. What is actually happening is that the immature pre-adult stage of the flea population go into hibernation. So, although you may not see them on your cat, they will be building up in the environment. Year-round treatment will prevent build-up.

Q.FRONTLINE is absorbed into my dog's bloodstream isn't it?

A. No. FRONTLINE is dispersed in the oil layer of the skin and then stored in the sebaceous glands of skin. Fleas are not required to suck blood to be killed.

Q.How young can dogs be treated?

A. FRONTLINE Spray can be used on kittens as young as 3 days of age.