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IVOMEC MAXIMIZER® Capsules for Adult Sheep


IVOMEC MAXIMIZER - Unsurpassed 100 day parasite control programme


IVOMEC MAXIMIZER provides an unsurpassed parasite control programme for approximately 100 days against a wide range of internal and external parasites in a single dose for 40 - 80kg sheep.


The continuous and long lasting protection from worm infections offered by IVOMEC MAXIMIZER improves livestock performance and provides the potential to increase productivity.

  • More milk improves pre-weaning performance;
  • Faster growing and heavier lambs;
  • Fewer tail enders;
  • Target liveweights are reached earlier;
  • More lambs can be drafted earlier;
  • Bigger ewe lamb replacements;
  • Ewes are in better condition for mating;
  • Healthier and more productive ewes;
  • A higher lamb survival rate;
  • An improved lambing percentage in the following season;
  • More and better wool in both ewes and lambs;
  • Greater flexibility for stock and pasture management;
  • Reducing pasture contamination provides cleaner pastures for grazing and protects young lambs from worm infections;
  • With more lambs away earlier, there is more feed left for replacements and ewes;
  • Cleaner animals reduces the need for dagging;
  • Reduces blowfly strike in the breech area;
  • Controls benzimidazole and levamisole resistant worms;
  • IVOMEC MAXIMIZER may be given concurrently with selenium supplements and clostridial vaccines.


Meat: 126 days after administration. Milk: Do not administer to sheep producing milk for human consumption.


Available in a pail of 500 capsules (5 x 100 bags).

For more information talk to your veterinarian or your local Merial Territory Manager.

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