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Sheep Links

Federated Farmers of New Zealand
Federated Farmers stands for an open, free, enterprise economy to promote employment, economic growth and to increase living standards in the best interests of all New Zealanders.

The New Zealand Sheep Council
A farmer-owned, farmer-driven regional organisation which promotes and fosters the use of sheep improvement techniques and systems which enhance farm production and profitability.

Wools of New Zealand
Wools of New Zealand represent the standard of excellence in wool carpet. We use the fern leaf, a long standing symbol of New Zealand as our crest. Its simplicity and purity represents the natural quality that makes New Zealand wool an unparalleled resource. Wools of New Zealand celebrate and nurture this natural quality to provide the world with the finest carpets and rugs - home grown in New Zealand.

Romney New Zealand
Welcome to the home paddock of Romney New Zealand Limited.

New Zealand Merino Company Ltd
Merino New Zealand Ltd was formed, with its first annual meeting of growers in August 1995. Merino New Zealand is an industry development organisation, dedicated solely to the marketing and promotion of New Zealand merino fibre.

StockCARE will teach farmers to implement proven management techniques into their farming business. It is designed to help farmers to learn to define their own property, specific limitations and recognise what aspects of their systems they must improve.