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Disease FAQ

Q.How often do I need to drench my lambs with IVOMEC Liquid?

A. Generally at intervals of no more than 28 days. Drenching should commence at weaning and continue until early winter - about 6 drenches in total.
For good parasite control, the intervals should be regular and animals should be given the correct dose by weight.

Q.Have you conducted any weight gain trials with IVOMEC Liquid?

A. Yes. The most significant of these trials was one conducted over a 12 month period, the results of which clearly demonstrated the benefits of IVOMEC Liquid. Treated lambs weighed in excess of 60kg as hoggets at trial end and produced fleece wool of superior weight and quality.

Q.What is the best time to give IVOMEC MAXIMIZER to ewes?

A. Probably 2-3 weeks prior to lambing because application at this time provides benefits to the ewe at a time when she is susceptible to worm infection; potentially pre-lambing treatment allows her to milk better and thus benefits her lamb(s) and also helps reduce pasture larval contamination.

Q.Are some ewe groups more vulnerable to worms than others?

A. Yes. A reasonable ranking scale would be young ewes (hoggets or 2ths) are more vulnerable than mixed age ewes; ewes carrying multiple lambs are more vulnerable than single bearing ewes.

Q.How long does IVOMEC Liquid last in the sheep?

A. Not very long - the meat withholding period prior to slaughter for human consumption is 10 days.
More importantly ivermectin, the active ingredient, is a powerful fast acting anthelmintic and does not persist in sheep. Fast action is an important feature because it reduces the risk of the development of resistance by parasites.

Q.Do all drenches kill parasites the same?

No. How drenches work depends on the anthelmintics they contain. Generally anthelmintics can be put in one of 3 families or "action families", depending on how they actually work.

  • Benzimidazoles - this family includes NEMADET™ Extra
  • Levamisole - this family includes ALL-MIN LEVAMISOLE
  • Avermectin/Milbemycin drenches - this family includes IVOMEC Liquid and IVOMEC MAXIMIZER.

Combinations of benzimidazole and levamisole can also be regarded as a fourth group of drenches because they obviously combine 2 different action families of anthelmintic.