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Ectoparasites - Chorioptes

Chorioptes ovis: Chorioptic mite of chorioptic mange or foot scab.

General Description: Similar to but smaller than Psoroptes communis ovis mites. Pretarsi are present.

Life Cycle: 10 days. Typical mite life cycle.

Location: Feet are most often affected. Mites also infest scrotum, thighs and lower cheek regions.

Geographical Distribution: Common in sheep in many parts of the world.

Significance: Chorioptic mange is not a serious problem in sheep.

Effect on Host: Similar to psoroptic mange, but lesions are localised and less severe. Infested sheep scratch and rub their feet. Localised scabs may be seen.

Diagnostic Information: Mites seen microscopically in scrapings from lesions.

Control: Dipping of sheep in insecticide preparations. Ivermectin injected subcutaneously serves as an aid in the control of chorioptic mange.

Chorioptes – female   Chorioptes – male
SEM – chorioptes


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