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Dairy Links

Federated Farmers of New Zealand
Federated Farmers stands for an open, free, enterprise economy to promote employment, economic growth and to increase living standards in the best interests of all New Zealanders.

Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd
Livestock Improvement Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the New Zealand Dairy Board, with responsibility for the Board's farm production activities and, in particular, dairy herd improvement and herd records.

Fonterra Co-operative Group was formed in 2001, It has become the world's largest dairy exporter with over 11,000 shareholders.

Jersey New Zealand
We are the New Zealand Jersey Cattle Breeders Association and trade as Jersey New Zealand. Our Association was established in 1902 while our New Zealand Jersey Herd Book has operated since 1903. Our mission is to continually improve the profitability of farming Jersey cattle so they become the preferred dairy breed in New Zealand by 2010.

New Zealand Holstein-Friesian Association
The Holstein-Friesian breed approximates 60% of New Zealand's national dairy herd. Our Association is a collection of those farmers who milk, breed and have an intense interest in the farming of the Holstein-Friesian cow in our country.