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Disease FAQ

Q. What are the withholding periods for milk and meat for EPRINEX?

A. There is no withholding period for milk ie it is zero days. For bobby calves born to treated cows there is no withholding period. For meat: the withholding period is 14 days

Q. Have the advertised production benefits gained from using products been trialed under commercial farm conditions?

A. Product benefits have been demonstrated under commercial farm conditions in many different countries, especially for IVOMEC Pour-On and IVOMEC Injection and IVOMEC EPRINEX.

The most recent NZ study was conducted in dairy cows treated at calving with EPRINEX. In this study, after excluding the cost of treatment, economic benefits, based on returns for the price of milk solids in the 1997-98 season (the season in which the study was conducted) amounted to $20.03 per head.

In the same study economic benefits accruing from better in-calf rates for first calving heifers were calculated to be in excess of $58 per head.

Q. Does EPRINEX affect the milk in any way?

A. No. Extensive studies using milk from cows treated with EPRINEX have shown no effect on milk quality or on dairy products produced from that milk. Nor does the treatment of dairy cows with EPRINEX have any effect on milk cell counts, inhibitory substances tests, bacterial counts or other quality tests that milk is subjected to.

Q. How well does EPRINEX kill worms?

A. EPRINEX is highly effective (>99% efficacy) against all the common roundworms found in cattle. The product also demonstrates persistent activity against parasites of roundworms including 12 different species of worms for up to 28 days, depending on the particular worm. This broad range of persistent activity is superior to any other New Zealand product.

Q. At what age can I use IVOMEC products in calves?

A. All IVOMEC products including EPRINEX have a wide margin of safety in all ages and classes of both beef and dairy cattle; usually it is not necessary to treat your calves younger than 6 weeks of age for parasite control in New Zealand.