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Beef Links

Federated Farmers of New Zealand
Federated Farmers stands for an open, free, enterprise economy to promote employment, economic growth and to increase living standards in the best interests of all New Zealanders.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand
Beef and Lamb New Zealand is funded by livestock producers through a levy on all beef and sheep slaughtered in New Zealand. This income is used in three main ways: to increase preference for New Zealand beef and sheep meat internationally and domestically; to maintain and extend trade access for New Zealand red meat; and to fund research and development to help improve the profitability of New Zealand farmers.

The New Zealand Hereford Association
In the year 1896, the New Zealand Hereford Cattle Breeders' Association was formed by James Stuckey, G C Wheeler and D P Buchanan. In 1996 the New Zealand Hereford Association Celebrates 100 Years of Progress.

New Zealand Angus Association
The New Zealand Angus Association (Inc.) was incorporated in 1918. Today it has a membership of over 400 breeding and commercial members. The Angus Association is an incorporated society which aims to promote the use of the Angus breed within New Zealand.