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Disease FAQ

Q. Can I use IVOMEC products in beef cows with a calf at foot?

A. Yes. The carton note that products are not to be used for lactating cattle only applies if the milk is to be used for human consumption

Q. Are there any advantages to treating beef cows?

A. Overseas trials indicate increased weight gain to calves at foot and suggest that an increase in pregnancy might be achieved. Similar trials have not been conducted in NZ. In circumstances where beef cattle are stressed after coming through a drought or through lack quality feed a pre-calving treatment should be considered, especially in younger animals (heifers or first-calves).

Q. Which product should I use in my beef weaners?

A. The product of choice will depend on the nature of the farming operation. A clearer recommendation can be obtained from your Merial Territory Manager, your local Veterinarian, or by contacting Merial Technical Services on Freephone 0800-800-822.

Q. What trials have been conducted in beef cattle with IVOMEC products?

A. Numerous trials have been conducted under NZ farming conditions. In general increased weight gains can be expected where regular (6-8 weekly) treatments are applied from weaning through the first winter of life. Your Merial Territory Manager can supply more details.

Q. What is the 'Plus' in IVOMEC Plus?

A. The Plus is an additional anthelmintic called clorsulon which is highly effective against adult liver fluke. IVOMEC Plus therefore controls more types of worms than any other product as well as controlling certain external parasites (see product information sheet for full details).

Q. How do lice affect beef cattle?

A. Mostly by causing itchiness, this leads to cattle scratching against trees, fence posts or other objects and commonly damaging the hide while they do so. The effects of this parasite worry can be weight loss and hide damage but certainly also physical damage to objects scratched against can mean many hours of repair and maintenance.