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About Us


Merial Ancare is New Zealand’s leading animal health company.

It is the result of the merger of the multinational Merial Ltd, and the New Zealand owned Ancare NZ Ltd. The merger combined the best of two worlds, the international research capabilities of Merial and the local innovation and product development capabilities of Ancare New Zealand.

Merial Ancare is strong in both the production and companion animal markets with a large range of products for sheep and cattle including the IVOMEC, EPRINEX, GENESIS, ECLIPSE, MATRIX and BIONIC brands as well as FRONTLINE and PREVICOX brand for cats and dogs. The production animal products are predominantly internal and external parasite control products, but also include antibiotics, intra-mammaries, and vaccines. Merial Ancare distributes exclusively through veterinary clinics or vet associated companies.​​